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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us :

  • Brett Thomas B.

    I was very pleased with the air duct cleaning service. The technicians were prompt, did a thorough job & left everything in good clean order. They gave us appropriate guidelines for regular maintenance in order to avoid potential dryer vent fires. A very valuable service. Was pleased to get a follow-up call from Emily to make sure we were pleased with the work. Highly recommend this company…take no chances with dryer fire hazards!


  • kim c.

    OK. This morning I wrote a bad review…jumped the gun. While there may be some communication issues with arrival time, they make it up with effort. The manager/owner came to my house with the team to fix the issues properly. They were really nice about it, no haggling or making me feel picky. In person, the guy is really nice and truly wants to make the customer happy AND improve his business. This doesn’t come through over the phone…which may be the cause of some of the negative reviews. I will definitely use them again and hopefully will be able to move my review to 5 star…a smooth sailing 5.


  • Dave F.

    I was very impressed with SD Air Quality. The initial phone conversation was efficient and friendly and I immediately understood that these guys know their job. I had asked for an estimate prior to the work and that was no problem, the technician arrived early and was very professional and made a good impression. He was friendly and polite, efficient and clean. Then only one hour later, as expected, the crew arrived to do the work. They were clean and again, efficient. They were also considerate of the neighbors in my small condo building and made very little disturbance to the people at home. My vents and ducts were very dirty as they had not been cleaned in 30 years, but SD Air Quality got in and out in a short time without leaving any residue or untidyness to be swept up. I also received a follow up call to make sure there were no outstanding questions and that I was fully satisfied. I am fully satisfied.


  • Shannon M.

    Very dependable from start to finish. I got all my questions answered clearly from the beginning and they made scheduling easy and convenient. Upon mentioning my allergies I was informed of a product that could benefit me, but they were never pushy or made me feel like they were just trying to up sell. I decided to go with the UV light and WOW what a great investment that was!! All in all, I had a great experience with the staff over the phone, as well as the technicians who were very professional and personable. I am happy with my services and will continue business with SD Air Quality for dryer vent and air duct cleaning services in the future.


  • David A.

    Great reviews for these guys. On time, honest and efficient. They came to our apartment downtown and did a great job. We had originally scheduled an A/C Vent cleaning and a dryer vent cleaning. When they finished the A/C and went to the dryer vent, they saw it was not dirty and it did not need to be cleaned and they told us it was not necessary. Honesty at its best! Great service, great price. Highly recommended.


  • Realtor Karl B.

    Nice and friendly workers. They arrived on time and did the job in a timely manner to get my ducts cleaned, and to get my thermostat changed from old-school to neon / digital. It took them about 1.5 hours total. There was a minor miscommunication afterwards regarding the invoice, but the receptionist and owner made a personal call to make sure that my problem was solved. Everything is good now. I highly recommend!


  • Greg S.

    The short review: GREAT Service. They’re committed to doing a good job and making their customers happy. I’d recommend them to anyone. Long review: Their crew was friendly, professional & efficient. I live in an old house, near the beach, and I’m pretty sure the heater had not been turned on in a few years. I hired them to clean my ducts. A few days later, when I turned on the heater (for the first time since we’d moved in) I got a lot of discharge from the vents that looked like lint & dust. It was pretty gross. I sent them an email (with photos), and Jonathan called me right away and came out the next morning. He took apart the heater, and discovered that it was from OLD insulation, inside the heating unit, that had fallen down on the heating fan, over time. It was not from the ducts. All that crap that had been sitting IN the heating unit blew up through my (now clean) ducts & out the vents. After I got all that cleaned up, and let the vents clear out, it was solved. I was very pleased with his attention to the issue (which was caused by my OLD system, and NOT his crew or the job they performed). When he came out, he showed me how to fix the problem, and gave me some good tips. It was great that he came out as soon as I called, in order to figure out what had happened. Great customer service. I will definitely use them again when I need the service.

    Carol Y.

    We needed our dryer vent to be cleared because our dryer wasn’t working properly. I called the number and they were able to send Jonathan and his worker out later that day. They showed up and wore booties over their shoes.  They explained what they were going to do, how much it would cost and went to work. We decided while they were there to have our air ducts cleaned too. He explained the difference between their air duct cleaning vs the ones that you get flyers for in the mail and offer it for really cheap. He didn’t try to upsell us and let us have time to think about it while he worked n the dryer vent. They had to go into the attic and redirect the air vent because the original builder tried to squeeze the vent pipe into an area that was compressing it. They also discovered that the vent wasn’t even attached to the roof so all of the dust was going into our attic.we retested the dryer and everything seemed to be working fine. They cleaned our air ducts afterwards and were very clean during the entire process. A few days after, the dryer wasn’t working properly again with the vent attached, so we emailed Jonathan and he called back as soon as he got our email. He and his assistant came back and put elbows on the vent pipe in the ceiling. He said that they tried the easiest fix the first time and this time, it required more work, but that they wouldn’t charge us for this visit, the parts or labor! We were pleasantly surprised! Most places would normally charge you each time they come out but we really felt comfortable and confident with SD Air Quality and the care Jonathan gave us. We hope to not have to use them again, but if we need help with our air ducts or dryer vent again, we will DEFINITELY be using SD Air Quality again! I highly recommend this company. They are honest, courteous, informative and clean.

    Noam P.

    I called to have my dryer duct cleaned and spoke to Jen.  After explaining the service and cost, we set up an appointment. On the day of the appointment, Jen called to say that the service tech was on his way.  The service tech Jonathan arrived on schedule and proceeded to move the dryer and vacuumed all around the dryer and washer.  He thoroughly cleaned the dryer duct which runs through the wall and is vented on the roof.  He also replaced my aluminum connector duct which connects the dryer to the wall duct with a more flexible connector duct . Excellent customer service from Jen in the office, excellent customer service from Jonathan the service tech, reasonable prices, and they service North County.  Nice company to deal with.  I will refer to my friends.

    John B.

    Great service and well worth it!  Gabriel and Israel did a professional duct cleaning for us. They arrived on time, called ahead, cleaned up after the work, and were courteous. I was amazed when they took the first vent cover off, revealing a disturbing, thick, dusty layer of what appeared to be drywall residue.  It was in all the ducts and I’ll bet it was there since the house was built 11 years ago.  They set up a big vacuum filter that suctioned all the air out of the ducts as they cleaned each vent and hose. Amazing that there was no mess at all. The air in the house now smells clean for the first time since we have lived here. I am so glad we had this done!

    Karla H.

    Jonathan just left, yes on a SUNDAY, he just left and he replaced the start-up capacitor and then blew out all the dirt on the unit…  The a/c now works GREAT!!!  He was honest, he was educational, informative, and most important he didn’t push when it came to upselling.  We were given options and we were given all price points for any of those options.  Luckily, for today, we only needed the capacitor.   thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism!

    debora w.

    I was ready to recarpet certain rooms because the stains had gotten so bad. Thanks to the professional, pleasant and beyond the norm service, my carpets look brand new. Gabriel and his assistant were nice, thorough and cleaned even more than I requested. A courteous experience all around. I highly recommend them!