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RotoVac360 – Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Carpet deep-cleaning removes dust mites, dander, and other allergens.

We offer always free carpet inspections before our san diego carpet cleaning work starts. One preferred system carpet cleaning San Diego team use is the RototVac 360 system, which we have found is the most effective industrial strength cleaner for carpets and floors. Not every homeowners in San Diego,CA  will want to pay the extra cost of using this system, and certainly, it is a wetter result, though it is the most effective method we have discovered so far. It has a fast-spinning rotary head that applies a very high-pressure jet wash, and immediate vacuum suction many hundreds of times per minute. It has the effect of acting as if a wand-cleaner had visited your carpet hundreds of times. With the steep jetting angle and high pressure effect, deep dirt down to the padding is elevated and suspended, then immediately vacuumed by high suction rapidly passing by as the head rotates. We us an environmentally friendly detergent system that leaves no residue behind. As a matter of practice, we wash and wash the carpet until we achieve clarity in the rinse water and the sudsing stops. All our Carpet cleaning san diego team will leave behind is a very mild lemon scent when the work is complete.

RotoVac 360 Cleaning Head System