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11 We also recommend and install permanent ultraviolet (U.V.) light air purification systems. You’ve heard it on the news and seen it on TV! UV light is the safest and most effective way to fight mold and other biological threats from growing inside your central air system. A UV light air purifier from U.V. Light offers whole-house protection, saves energy, extends the life of your air system, and improves indoor air quality throughout your home or business.


Benefits of U.V. lights:

  • Helps keep duct system free from contaminants
  • Proven effective against both airborne and surface contaminants
  • Completely safe for humans and animals
  • Effectively destroys odors, bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, particulates, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and the odors associated with them at their source, in the air, and on surfaces>
  • Cleaner coil reduces bio-nesting and may promote less frequent filter changes
  • Cleaner coil provides more energy efficient operation of HVAC system – cost savings