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1There are a lot of ways San Diego carpet cleaning companies clean carpets and rugs these days. The classic methods involve wand “steamers” (or Steemers) that are not really steam, but just warm to hot water jetted onto your carpet and then sucked off the surface again. They will claim “deep cleaning” but the number of particles left deep inside the carpet threads is actually quite large. Similarly, “dry chemical” methods are actually quite a bit less than dry: they use water wands just the same, but add “carbonation” to the cleaning solution and in that sense suggest that carpets will become drier faster. The recent trend has been to offer cleaning with alkaline water which leaves “zero residue,” but this plain water is not the best dirt removing solvent by itself, and the residue it actually does leave is an alkaline salt that can definitely reveal certain kinds of stains that you are probably trying to have removed or at least minimize.Our San Diego carpet cleaning division uses the wand carpet cleaning system, a very powerful vacuum system that uses substantially less water than the average vacuum used by some competitors. We use Eco-friendly stain and soil removers that are healthy for your family and most importantly it gets the mess out of your carpet or rug the first time we try. Many stains are quickly resolved this way.

Carpet and upholstery deep-cleaning removes dust mites, dander, and other allergens.

2Upholstery cleaning, on the other hand, often can benefit from a direct hot water plus steam cleaning. You may read about “dry” chemical methods, but each of these truly do leave residues that may be uncomfortable for family members to have in contact with their skin. Cleaning solutions are fine as long as they are vacuumed off cleanly in the end, however, many of the “dry” methods put chemicals into the fabrics, let it “dry” then suck out the partially lifted particles. This results in some remaining behind, both dirt and stains, skin cells, dust mites and dander. This is why we recommend steam with our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, followed by that extra care that ensures that your couches, chairs and other furniture are perfectly clean of all residues. Getting carpet mold out of the fibers can also affect upholstery, and our method is the right one to do both