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Quadca certified , our air duct cleaning Technicians are very well equipped and trained to handle any size job. More than simply sweeping the air ducts, we address every component the air passes over, including coils and the central system, as well as upgrading or replacing filtration as needed.


We will always conduct a free carpet inspections before work. One preferred system is the RototVac 360 system, which we have found is the most effective industrial strength cleaner for carpets and floors.


For the most part, people call us in to solve the problem of "dryer not drying" as well as it should. But lets not forget that Dryer vent fires cause approximately 15,600 structure fires, 400 injuries, and 15 deaths annually.

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At SD Air Quality - San Diego Air Duct Cleaning we offer unmatched customer service, the latest technologies, competitive pricing and top quality, support and solutions. Whether you have a small or large, business or home, we have the capabilities to clean all the mess. Our specialty is customer satisfaction and trust as well. SD Air Quality - San Diego Air Duct Cleaning is your #1 choice for any type of cleaning and much more!