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Dryer vent cleaning cost 

Factors that may affect your cleaning cost

Lack of good and timely maintenance is the main reason why Dryer vent cleaning cost in Carmel Valley remain high for some people, thus it is important to carry out such maintenance at least once every 2 years to reduce the costs of extra servicing and maintenance. Aside from poor maintenance culture, several other factors can also increase or reduce the total costs of Dryer vent cleaning. 

Clogged Dryer vent is primarily caused by the complex construction of newly developed homes in the society today, and that is the fact that most dryers are now installed from outside of the walls. The installation of dryers from the outside of the wall simply means that such dryers are vented longer at longer distances and that  makes it a lot easier for lint and debris to collect, likewise animals such as birds and smaller rodents may find their way easily inside.  Secondly, dryer vents are now being made with plastics and foil ducts , which makes them easily crushed or kinked , similarly, such design materials make Dryer vent cleaning even more difficult.

Ducts made from plastic materials tend to sag easily and they easily allow lint to build up especially at their lowest points, however  ducts made from ridge metals or Ultra-light flexible metal ducts do not collect lint and debris easily and their cleaning may be much easier , which also means you end up paying less in cleaning cost.  The connection style of ducts can also determine your Dryer vent cleaning cost in Carmel Valley —poorly connected internal ducts for instance can easily trap lint and debris and that may increase the total time for such to be removed , this also means you may end up spending more money especially if the cleaning company charges per hour.

Installation of screens and cages especially at the terminals of ducts are very helpful in preventing animals from accessing the exhaust of the dryer vent from outside, however if such screens are not properly cleaned, they may harbour more lint and become clogged , thereby restricting air flow. Dryer vent cleaning cost tend to be lower when the construction of air duct is easy to access.

Extra services such as improvement of the overall indoor air quality of a home can add to the costs of Dryer vent cleaning . A clogged dryer vent will not allow clothes to dry out quickly and that means the dryer does not exhaust properly. If your dryer operates on gas, it can cause the buildup of carbon monoxide quickly indoor, or worse create a fire.

The type of equipment used in Dryer vent cleaning may also determine the cost of such services.  The typical cost for a reputable company for residential homes in Carmel Valley could range from $79.00 to $350.00 depending on some companies. SD Air Quality of Orange County offers Flat Rates, Call Now and ask more.

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