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Is it Necessary to have my Ducts Cleaned ?

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Is it Necessary to have my Ducts Cleaned ?

The problem with lack of air duct maintenance and cleaning is so significant and wide-spread that it is being followed and discussed by institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO), national institutes for health protection, microbiological associations, and other renowed institutions. There are often meetings and congresses around the world about diseases related to interior pollution due to poorly functioning air duct systems.  

Air duct cleaning is removing visible contaminants such as dirt, dust and moisture from the system interior that prepares and distributes air.

Important element of air duct system cleaning include proper treatment of surfaces against dangerous micro pollutants such as bacteria, fungus and viruses that are not visible but present a direct danger for human health.

When it comes to formal standards, regulations and rules about procedures, methods and equipment used for air duct cleaning in the EU and USA, professionals adhere to the guidelines of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Their formal regulations are based on and supported by the following scientific, technological and health organizations: the American Society of Heating, Cooling and Vent Engineers; the American Agency for Protection of the Environment; the World Health Organization; the National Institute for Professional Safety and Health; the Association of Specialists for Cleaning and Reconstruction; the American Lung Association; and the European Association for Vent Hygiene.

Professionals in Europe are obliged to apply regulations that are required of medical institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry and all industries where it is possible to accumulate substances that can cause fire – all of these must be cleaned at least once a year. Other institutions that use air systems to distribute air through interior spaces (such as hotels, restaurants, government institutions, banks, etc.) have to clean their air duct system at least once every 5 years, depending on the condition of the system.

HACCP quality standard obliges food manufacturers to clean and sanitize every surface that comes in contact with food either directly or indirectly (all the equipment, devices and surfaces for food preparation, as well as air duct systems and other elements of the manufacturing area: floors, walls, ceilings, lighting system, etc.).

One can’t imagine modern facilities, business buildings and catering objects without quality air duct system. The air around us constantly circulates and is being processed and cleaned in the vent system. Thus, it is mandatory to ensure that this system functions perfectly. We are here to ensure that this happens all the time. We will come whenever your air duct system needs cleaning – as mentioned above, in some cases this has to be done at least once a year and in others it is required every few years. Never neglect the necessity for air duct system maintenance and cleaning because this ensures your health as well as the health of other people inhabiting the interior space.

What are vent system cleaning services?

These services include the chemical and mechanical cleaning and disinfection of a vent system. This will ensure system cleanliness and higher efficiency, because a clean vent system requires much less electricity. It is easy to make the right choice when it comes to vent systems efficiency and quality – just choose the service you can trust in San Diego County. 

Regular Maintenance is Key to keeping your air clean:

It is not enough just to have an air duct system; you must also ensure that the system remains properly maintained and cleaned. This makes sure that the following concerns are addressed in regards to your air duct system:

  • human health
  • fire safety
  • sanitation and sterility in technological processes 
  • energy preservation

Numerous researchers have proven that many diseases happen due to the lack of maintenance of air ducts cleaned when they should also known as sick building syndrome, because it has been noted that persons who spend longer periods of time in interiors where the air vents are poorly maintained experience symptoms such as: sinusitis, rhinitis, cough, tiredness, headaches, allergies, difficulty to concentrate – and these are just some of most common. 

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