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San Diego Air Duct Cleaning Process

San Diego Air Vent cleaning- how it works

Air Duct cleaning is the first step you should take towards the reduction of the overall cooling and heating costs in your San Diego home. It can also be the first steps towards fixing your home’s cooling and heating system. Our San Diego Air Duct cleaning process helps create a healthier indoor atmosphere, reducing your chances of developing allergic reactions or air-borne related illnesses.  The quality of air indoor has been declining over the years and this is partly due to the design of highly efficient windows, and doors that provide more insulation – a condition that reduces air transfer between the internal and external environments, thus the pollutants that remain in homes find it difficult to escape outside but with good ducts and vents, the quality of air indoor becomes much improved.

How air vent cleaning process works

Our San Diego Air Duct cleaning process works in two main ways. First a cleaning system is connected directly into the ducting structure to produce some suction. A high-powered pressure hose is passed directly through the ducts in order to suck up and remove dirt and molds from the interior area. The second system deploys the effectiveness of large and specialized vacuum that is attached to the suction hose alongside a brushing system that passes through the ducting. As the brushing scrapes the dirt without damaging the ducts, the vacuum suck them up and it becomes easier to dispose of such materials.  When operated by a specially trained and licensed technician by either NADCA or QUADCA, both systems of  vent cleaning are effective.

The proper vent cleaning must include several procedures , these include;

  •  Cleaning of all registers within the system,
  • Cleaning of the entire interior of the ducting,
  • cleaning of the entire interior of the ventilation and heating systems.

 At the end of the San Diego Air Duct cleaning process, a technician may apply a special disinfectant through a fogging system to remove molds and mites and bacteria that might remain in the internal region of the vents.  A proper  San Diego Air Duct cleaning business should take between 2 and 6 hours to clean the system , and this should depend on the size of the house, the extent of dirtiness or cleanliness of the vent and the number of extra repairs that may be carried out. It will take a longer period of time to complete a cleaning if the heating or cooling system is located in the roof as compared to the ground floor area. It will also take longer to handle a home with more than one heating and cooling system.

Most cleaning companies will price you based on square footage , and the number of vents or HVAC systems in your San Diego home or the amount of levels to be cleaned in the home. It can cost between $300 to $800  to  clean a duct system depending on the cleaning company. If lower prices are charged, you need to be sure that you wouldn’t be charged extra  once on site as there are many UNLICENSED and UNCERTIFIED  air duct cleaning company in San Diego for cleaning  We pride in offering the best services at the most attractive rates possible without compromising the quality of the work in your san diego home. SD Air Quality of San Diego assures you flat rates and transparent billing with No Hidden Fees and No Switch & Bait Tactics.

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